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The Business of Fashion is recognised around the world for its authoritative, analytical point of view on the $2.5 trillion global fashion industry. Our mission is simple: build fashion’s global membership community to open, inform and connect the industry.

Serving members in more than 125 countries, BoF combines independent, agenda-setting journalism with practical business advice, online learning, career-building tools and immersive events and experiences, powering positive change in fashion and the wider world.

Over time, this pioneering approach has made BoF the leading source of intelligence for the industry, and one of its most respected and influential voices, simply because you won’t find BoF’s original reporting and analysis anywhere else.

Today, our talented team of reporters, editors, analysts, engineers, designers, marketers, brand strategists and more numbers more than 100 people in London, New York, Paris and Shanghai. Together, we create world-class content, services and experiences including BoF Professional (exclusive insight, analysis and opinion), BoF Careers (connecting the best talent with the best job opportunities), BoF Education (fashion’s platform for online learning), BoF China (a Chinese language edition), VOICES (an annual invitation-only event for leading thinkers and innovators) and the BoF 500 (an index of the people shaping the global fashion industry).

A sample of quotes from the industry's press coverage:

"The Economist of Fashion."
Macleans Magazine, Toronto

"100 Most Influential Men in Britain."
British GQ, London

"50 Most Influential Global Indians."
Indian GQ, Mumbai

"In the jungle of fashion blogs, BoF stands out as a success story."
Le Monde, Paris

"The Blog Power List."
Net-a-Porter, London

"The New Voice of Fashion."
Lux Magazine, Singapore

"25 New Fashion Faces to Watch."
British Vogue, London

"Indispensable for the multi-billion dollar industry"

"Up-to-date news and strategy in the fashion sphere."
IHT, Paris

"A daily destination for fashion's most influential power players."
AnOther, London

"The thinking man's fashionista."
Elle.com, New York

"Frankly genius."
Grazia Daily, London

"An invaluable portal."
Lane Crawford, Hong Kong

"The thinking person's go-to fashion blog."
Flare.com, Toronto

"Steadily gaining a genuine podium."
NYmag.com, New York

"A must-read blog for everyone in the fashion industry."
Independent, London

"Hugely influential."
The Star, Toronto

"Created as a blog…now an industry authority."
Vogue Italia, Milan

"For anyone with a keen interest in international retail."
Japan Times, Tokyo


Fast Company
February 2015
New York Times
October 2014
Fantastic Man
September 2014
March 2014
Paper Magazine
February 2014


The Business of Fashion

Imran Amed, Founder, CEO & Editor-in-Chief

Josephine Wood, Executive Assistant, Office of the CEO


Rahul Malik, Head of Strategy
Amanda Dargan, Director of Strategy
Diana Lee, Director of Research and Analysis
Jael Fowakes, Senior Brand Marketing Manager


Vikram Alexei Kansara, Editorial Director

Tim Blanks, Editor-at-Large
Robb Young, Global Markets Editor
Brian Baskin, Deputy Editor
Anouk Vlahovic, Managing Editor
Scarlett Fillingham Burrows, Senior Editorial Operations Manager

Janet Kersnar, Executive Editor
Sarah Kent, London Editor
Hannah Crump, Associate Director, Editorial Strategy
Tamison O’Connor, Senior Editorial Associate
Zoe Suen, Senior Editorial Associate
Rachel Deeley, Editorial Associate
Darcey Sergison, Editorial Apprentice

Jessica Hall, Social Media Manager
Munashe Ashlyn, Social Media Associate

Robert Williams, Senior Correspondent, Europe

Los Angeles
Lauren Sherman, Chief Correspondent

New York
Diana Pearl, Associate Editor
Chantal Fernandez, Senior Correspondent
Sheena Butler-Young, Senior Correspondent
Chavie Lieber, Correspondent
Cathaleen Chen, Correspondent
Alexandra Mondalek, Senior Editorial Associate
MC Nanda, Editorial Associate
Joan Kennedy, Editorial Apprentice

Casey Hall, Asia Correspondent

Contributing Editors & Columnists
Angelo Flaccavento
Pierre Mallevays
Amy Odell
Luca Solca
Rachel Strugatz
Robert Cordero
Doug Stephens
Dan Thawley
Susanna Lau
Colin McDowell
Bandana Tewari
Queennie Yang

Contributing Photographers
Kevin Trageser
Thomas Lohr


Olivia Howland, Head of Studio

Robin Mellery-Pratt, Senior Director of Content Strategy
Alice Gividen, Content Strategist
Sophie Soar, Senior Associate, Content Strategy
Shenel Wickramaratne, Content Strategy Apprentice

Kate Vartan, Project Manager
Isabelle Schoo, Project Manager

Stephanie Halfmann, Associate Director, Events and Special Relations
Niamh Coombes, Events Associate

Emma Clark, Multimedia Director
Keven Bobby Blanco, Junior Multimedia Editor & IT Manager
Elizabeth Ashamu, Associate Producer

Chelsea Carpenter, Senior Graphic Designer
Amy Vien, Junior Creative


Nick Blunden, President

Johanna Stout, Head of Brand and Community Partnerships
Matthew Cullen, Senior Director, Business Development
Kizzy Thompson, Director, Strategic Partnerships
Alex Rowe, Associate Director, Business Development
Hannah Ryan, Associate Director, Business Development
Gary Antonio Clark, Business Development Manager
Laura Bateman, Senior Customer Relationship Associate
Alexander Holder, Senior Associate, Customer Success

New York
Joan Cheng, Managing Director, North America & Head of Organisations
Victoria Diez, Senior Business Development Manager, Strategic Partnerships
Lily Mummert, Senior Business Development Manager, Strategic Partnerships
Jeremy Vargas, Business Development Manager
Tobi Idowu, Account Manager

Alexandra Billet, Senior Business Development Manager, France


Anna Rawling, Head of Growth Marketing

Sharon Elizabeth Emecz, Marketing Specialist, Customer Engagement and Retention
Sophie Tanner, Marketing Manager
Amy Warren, Senior Marketing Manager
Safia Bah, Marketing Associate
Audrey Stöckinger, Marketing Associate

Liam Trayler, Customer Experience Manager
Jade Man, Senior Customer Service Associate
Emily Fraser, Customer Service Associate


Fraser Park, Chief Financial Officer
Hailey Wojcik, Global Head of People

Alvin Chan, General Counsel
Juliet Clark, Senior People Director
Rachel Lochery, Head of Commercial Finance
Carmen Joan Le Saouter, Financial Controller
Sarah Mandeville, Senior Talent and People Partner
Helen Orayinka, Commercial Finance Analyst
Kristina Moritiwon, Finance Associate


Walter Badillo, Chief Technical Officer / Head of Individuals
Emily Penny, Head of Product

Damjan Znidarsic, Head of Technology

Alexander Bond, Associate Product Director
Emily Chambers, Senior Product Manager
Jatinder Thandi, Senior Product Manager, Business Intelligence
Natalie Mugavero, Senior Product Manager
Bish Sinha, Senior Data Analyst
Tala Esber, Product Manager

Soho Works, 2, Television Centre, 101 Wood Lane, London W12 7FR, United Kingdom

Ethics Policy

The Business of Fashion’s core mission is to open, inform and connect the global fashion industry. At the core of this mission is our dedication to creating, curating and distributing high-quality news and analysis. We do this with complete editorial independence, free from investor influence, commercial pressures or personal bias. Here is an outline of our business model and the measures we take to maintain our integrity.


The Business of Fashion derives the majority of its revenue from users who subscribe to BoF Professional, our paid news and analysis product, which means we are first and foremost accountable to our readers. We also generate revenue from users who pay for access to events like BoF VOICES and commercial partners which advertise, sponsor events or pay for services associated with BoF Careers, our platform for jobs and career advice.


Our journalism is rooted in balanced reporting, fairness and integrity.

We do not take payments of any kind in return for editorial coverage.

We do not adjust editorial content to the wishes or interests of commercial partners, shareholders or other financial backers, nor do we avoid covering subjects that may be sensitive for commercial partners, shareholders or other financial backers.

All investors have signed shareholders’ documentation guaranteeing BoF’s complete editorial independence.

All advertising content must be clearly distinguishable from editorial content. As such, all sponsored content or other “native advertising” content must prominently display the following disclaimer: “Sponsored Content.”

All sponsored content or other “native advertising” content created on behalf of commercial partners is done so by BoF’s commercial team.

BoF correspondents have no involvement in the creation of advertising content.

BoF correspondents are governed by conflict-of-interest guidelines ensuring there is absolutely no overlap between their coverage and any personal financial activity.

BoF correspondents do not accept gifts in return for coverage.

The one exception to this rule is travel for the purposes of facilitating editorial coverage. In such cases, the fact that the trip was paid is always disclosed.

BoF correspondents who plagiarise or knowingly provide false information for publication are not tolerated.