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What are detox smoothies? It’s a question being asked more often as both detox diets and smoothies gain widespread appeal in the world of dieting and health. In short, a detox smoothie is a smoothie made with ingredients that have the effect of cleansing toxins out of the body. Let’s first take a look at the idea of detoxifying in general, then look at some smoothies ingredients that can be used for this purpose. Share your detox smoothies below for others to try.

The Idea of Detox
In the modern world, we are offered a vast array of foods the likes of which our ancestors never dreamed of. However, with all these new opportunities have come some new dangers – chemicals added to foods in the form of preservatives or pesiticides can be harmful to the human body. Likewise, we deliberately consume certain foods which are fine in moderate amounts, but when eaten in excess they can cause problems in the way the body’s systems function. Even the body itself produces waste from its own metabolic processes which needs to be regularly flushed out of the system.

On top of these factors, there are also issues such as air and water pollution and medications which can contribute to the build up of toxins in the body. Smoking, drinking alcohol, drinking coffee and using drugs are also habits which introduce harmful toxins to the system.

The idea of a detox diet is to eat foods that will aid the body in flushing out toxins that have built up due to bad dieting habits and the extras added into many modern foods. This can be a week-long binge on a single type of food, or it can be a simple addition to a regular diet. Detox smoothies are an excellent way to clean out the system in a way that’s simple and tasty.

Detox Smoothie Ingredients
A detox smoothie should be high in fiber – this is to encourage regular bowel movements and flush waste out of your system. A detox smoothie should also be high in certain vitamins and minerals. For these reasons a good detox smoothie will consist of fruits that are high in vitamins and preferably high in fiber content, as well as grains, nuts and seeds to provide an extra fiber boost.

Here are a few highly recommended fruits for the purposes of detoxifying:


Avocados and carrots are also recommended for the vitamins they contain. Many common blends for detox smoothies will involve a combination of carrots, avocados and one of the citrus fruits mentioned here.

And a few foods that will help add extra fiber to the smoothie:


When using fruits like oranges, keep in mind that the white pith just below the skin is rich in nutrients despite the fact it’s not particularly pleasant-tasting on its own. Go ahead and add this to the blend – you won’t notice the taste, but your body will appreciate the extra benefits.

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Detox Smoothie Recipes!


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