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Learning how to make healthy smoothies is an easy way to improve your diet and overall health! Are you having trouble getting your daily 5 servings of fruit and vegetables? Or trying to eat healthier and feed your family more fruits and vegetables? Our Making Smoothies Healthy Ebook may just be the answer you’re looking for.

If you are buying your smoothies in cafes or coffee shops you might be surprised just how many calories you are taking in. Have you wondered what is a right size portion? We’ll talk about it in this ebook and give you recipes for single serving portions.

Smoothies Information and Recipes Cookbook
Our How to Make Smoothies ebook is 50 pages divided into 10 sections,

How to make basic recipes
Creating green smoothies and recipes to try.
Low Calorie recipes
Low Fat recipes
Portion sizing
with single serving recipes included in this section
What are Detox smoothies and detox recipes
Healthy recipes
including hidden ingredients
Health benefits
Healthy Recipes
Diet Recipes
Breakfast Recipes
Vegan recipes

Our ebook is filled with information on creating smoothies, increasing your fruit and vegetable intake and has over 100 recipes to help you in your smoothie making.


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