Smoothie Cups

Fun With Smoothies

Buying special smoothie cups isn’t essential to smoothie making. However, many people make a smoothie in the morning on their way to work or taking the kids to school and there are products out just for these instances. You can buy on the go cups that allow your smoothie to stay cool and take it wherever you go.

Some cups like the blenderball actually make it easier to stir up your smoothie after it sits. Other cups available are designed to keep your drinks cool for hours. Or you can even buy cups with special lids for on the go. Here are some examples of what is available for your smoothie making.

Even storing your smoothie in a simple thermos works well. If you make too much or don’t drink it all you can store it in the fridge in a thermos. After your drinks sit for a few hours you’ll want to shake it up or stir it well.

Try searching Amazon for smoothie cup or smoothie container.


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