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Do you need to worry about smoothie portions? In recent years smoothies have become as popular as cola drinks and people have come to believe that these fruit inspired treats can be enjoyed without worrying about calories, sugar or high fat content. After all many smoothies are made with fresh peaches, bananas or berries; should be healthy and good for you, right?

The fact of the matter is that a smoothie can be a very healthy treat to enjoy but there are some basic rules that you need to understand. For starters you should understand what an average serving size of a smoothie should really be. Some stores will offer you gigantic sizes at affordable prices; but just because the mixture includes fruit it does not mean that you should be sucking down a 32 ounce smoothie as you stroll about the mall.

Average Smoothie Portions
A 12-16 ounce serving is an average size for any smoothie. If you are buying a smoothie, you will see 20-32 ounce sizes being offered. If you are limiting the sugars and fats among your ingredient choices you can opt for a larger sized smoothie.
Tips to Keep you on the Healthy Smoothie Track

Choose your ingredients wisely, go heavy on the natural fruits and healthy ingredients.
Avoid over stuffing or adding syrups, sugars, nuts or sweet flavorings.
Adding additional ice will provide you with a larger amount of beverage but no extra calories.

Counting Each and Every Calorie
A smoothie will include some of life’s healthier ingredients such as delicious fruit, milk and yogurt. Adding extra sugars, corn syrup, chocolate, peanut butter or ice cream can seriously increase the calorie count in your smoothie. When you combine too many of the high fat/high sugar ingredients even a small portion of your drink can contain 700-1100 calories. You have to remember that every ingredient, other than ice, is going to contain at least a few calories that must be counted regardless of smoothie portions. Tally up the total and you can keep track of how many calories that smoothie actually is going to provide you with if you finish the entire drink.

Many people fail to realize that some smoothies can contain as much saturated fat and carbohydrates as any triple sized, fast food burger. Think about this for a moment; if you order a Tropical Blizzard Smoothie at one of the Dairy Queen locations this 20 ounce drink you are ordering 1100 calories and 25 grams of saturated fat. Other fast food outlets are offering smoothie combos that contain even higher calorie and fat counts.

Making Appropriate Smoothie Portions
Healthy smoothies will always be your best choice and these options are easy to make. Choose a normal sized serving in the 12-16 ounce range. Avoid any ingredients that are high in calories and fat content. Nonfat milk products, yogurt, soy milk, fresh fruits and protein supplements are the types of ingredients that will produce a tasty, satisfying and totally healthy smoothie for you to enjoy.

~Smoothies that have fiber, 5+ grams of protein, and a total of 300 calories or less will be your best bet for optimum health.

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